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Romaji Title: towa ni
Kanji Title: 永遠に
English Title: Eternally

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yasuoka Yutaka
Music : Senoo Takeshi

Thinking that it would be nice if I could see the thread that connects us
With my eyes closed, even now I remember your smile

If it's something intangible then it won't break
The warmth of our embrace is left behind

I want to be your wind and envelop everything
Passing through the far away time from here to eternity

Hold one another, we promised that we would "never part again"
We could hear the sound of the rain that night

I want to be your wind and envelop everything
The voice that echoes in my heart for eternity, until time stops

On the nights that I want to see you but can't, my feelings spread into the sky
I'll fly over and be at your side
If we feel the same way

I want to be your wind and envelop everything
Far away, until I reach eternity

I want to be your wind and envelop everything
Always and at any time, that's my answer

By you rside (Right now, by your side)
I'll be the wind (Just for you)
And I'll envelop you (Our love will last forever)
(Now that I can hold you)
Far away (I won't let you go)
Only you (You, for all eternity)
For eternity (Come, my love)

Right now, by your side
IJust for you
Our love will last forever
Now that I can hold you, I won't let you go
That's for all eternity
Come, my love

My love...

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