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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: itsumo issho
Kanji Title: いつもいっしょ
English Title: Always Together

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi

I hate turning away
Deep inside, I am a guy who will warp what he sees
With all the courage I could muster, I held your small hand

You are afraid of me letting go of your hand,
Deep inside, you are a girl who will let go of my hand
With all the courage you could muster, you grabbed my hand

Unable to convey things well with just words,
We disagreed with each other
Our wandering hands came together
Unfortunately I chose to say the word "goodbye"

"Always together" we used to recite
The wind blowing over the hills, if you ask us
It seems like a fleeting dream standing still
In my memories that faded into the scenery

From the time passed from our goodbyes
I too, somehow, became an adult
Still not understanding what love is but
I knew freedom and responsibility

Being busy everyday
When I was finally able to forget myself
From that hill, I'd look up at the sky
And embrace the little bit of pain in my chest

I remember... that day, that time
Letting go of your hand was my way
Even if I regret it, it can't be helped
I had the will to go home, when you appeared in front of me

It's not an illusion
You are right in front of me
That place with your unchanging smile...
Forever and ever, I wanted to meet you

Without saying anything you smiled and
With those small hands, you held my own
The passing separated only the two of us
Spilt only one tear of understanding
Sweet words or a deep kiss, now it's ok to not have them
I only need to I close my eyes and recite "always together"
And the wind of our happiness will embrace the two of us

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