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Romaji Title: Nine Spiral
Kanji Title: Nine Spiral
English Title: Nine Spiral

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music by Gackt.C Lyrics & Music by Gackt.C

Wow...what dark lyrics, kupo! The only thing I can really comment on is I put "save me" at the end as "s-a-v-e me" at the end to stress the "ta-su-ke-te ageru" that Gackt wrote in the lyrics. It's meant to be broken up like that to stress that he needs to be saved from this torture he's being put through.

This is one of Kumama's favourite Gackt songs, by the way.

Appearing in front of my eyes and vanishing
The voice that mangled my dreams
In this world full of lies
Tease me...break me

The ways of a fickle girl changing
If we can embrace each other on this earth...
If you can notice someone is an imitation...
Manipulate me...keep me alive

That voice that can be heard far away
Noah's ark, full of delusions
Beat me...shut me away
Desecrate me

Lie... You who tore my heart

To pieces
Took away my voice
Plugged up my eyes

Hate me, regret me
Tease me, break me
Beat me, shut me away
Desecrate me, kill me

Throw away everything
Now, in that place, I'm still looking only at you

Lie... You who tore my heart to pieces
Took away my voice
Plugged up my eyes

Lie...gently tear me to pieces
Softly embrace me
S-a-v-e me

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