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Romaji Title: michi ~ to you all
Kanji Title: 道 〜to you all
English Title: Road ~ to you all

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujita Daigo

This was the 2nd ending theme to the anime Naruto Shippuuden.

I turn the corner
Just like I normally do
Slipping into the crowd of people
I dissolve and disappear

I've lost my way
And I've lost my words
But just one thing
Was left behind, left behind
And that's your voice

A smiling face, an angry face, all of them
Can make me walk on
When I look ahead to where
The clouds have drifted away from
Hey, you definitely understand don't you?

Even though I live my life vaguely
And my heart is inexperienced

That's good enough, hey, right here
There is a person that's important to me

If you lose your way
I'll be your signpost
But you have to believe in the rest
Making sure that you've got the means
Without fear

I'm gathering up light, and releasing it into the sky
So that you'll know
And I'll shine it down more
Onto the road that I walk down
No matter where I go...

I'll send it to your hair, voice, lips, finger tips
And it has to be now

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