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The Brilliant Green

Romaji Title: Stand by me
Kanji Title: Stand by me
English Title: Stand by me

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Tomoko Kawase
Music : Shunsaku Okuda
作詩:Tomoko Kawase
作曲:Shunsaku Okuda

This was the ending theme to Nihon TV drama "Tantei Gakuen Q".

A long day has ended
The door to the past is disappearing
I don't care if I get hurt
But I want to try and see a different version of myself

Can I try? "Why should I?"
A broken voice says
Memories sleep in a box of recollections
You're always on my mind so...

Stand by me
What is there in this rusty world?
Show me stars again, one day
But there is a glimmer that can't be seen
You made me realize that

If I look into your heart
I wonder if I'll feel better right away...

Don't give yourself away to someone else
Though it may be selfish, that's my wish

But one day that glass house will break
And when I touch it
There won't be any going back, so...

Stand by me
In front of the door of resignation and desire
I never can get myself to move
If it's what you want, we can just be friends
I wanted to be someone special

Crying for someone
That's something that I didn't understand
Just by thinking about it, I feel love
And things get painful
Stand by me
Stand by me, yeah baby

So stand by me
(So stand by me oh...)
Yeah baby, stand by me
(You're always on my mind)

If there is a glimmer that can't be seen
I can definitely start walking toward it
I want to find it with you, so...
Stand by me

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