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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: Heavenly kiss
Kanji Title: Heavenly kiss
English Title: Heavenly kiss

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Sakurai Kazutoshi

We've been disagreeing an usual amount since last week
Even thick-headed me knows that
The conversation throughout meals, at an open terrace table, isn't very lively

A mixed up wire puzzle, it's not anyone's fault
I wonder if it's going to rust together like this?
But in times like these, you're always beautiful; So much that it's uncanny

At an unprepared moment, I'll get heavenly kiss
So everything should go well
Yet against my better judgement, I bluff
My attitude is just the opposite, I'm in a dangerous mood
Just like the two of us on the day that we met
Kindness, innocence, and honesty; I'm bitter over them all

What could I compare this to?
How about if it were a semaphore?
What color are we right now?
Blue, red, yellow; The more I think about it, the more I shiver

Have I become arrogant? Have you become careless?
Those sort of things don't matter anymore
There's only one answer: I don't want to lose you; That's it

I love you more than anyone, I hate you more than anyone
I never knew these sorts of feelings before
But you, ever since I met you
Little by little, everything has changed
I'm blind, so I can see
It's a slapstick drama of fumbling about; Yes, all the time, I lost in you

Are you gonna have another beer?
It doesn't matter if your face is red
Sometimes you've just gotta throw reason away
Yes, someone like me could love you, who I have unmasked

Shall we heavenly kiss? A kiss that passes over words
Is alright that I'm not quite comfortable with it?
A kiss that's too long, and too gentle
We float about a bit in illusions
We're stronger than on the day that we met
Feelings that sparkle are revived for this moment
Heavenly kiss

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