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Romaji Title: Jam
Kanji Title: Jam
English Title: Jam

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : YUI

How many times should I say it? I'm not the good girl that you think I am
Turning the corner by the gasoline stand, inside of an old warehouse

A band returning from the live house gets together and jams on a Thursday night

A guy who likes punk rock wears leather even in the summer
I think it's a little weird, but they have the best time
Oh anarchy in the night, yeah!

The phone rings, it's Ashita TV; Sorry, I can't come home
Punk's not dead! You made me laugh, making a weird face

Even though I don't have to go pick up anyone, I want a bike and a license

A guy who likes punk rock's Les Paul is way too heavy
I play the drums, so in the end it's oh baby
Oh anarchy in the night, yeah!

Tightening up my lips, I'm going to try and do an impression of how he acts
My guitar is my rocks
I've got no intention of losing

The era in which punk rock lives is going to continue on now and forever
You've got to break it up just a little, oh baby no future
Oh anarchy in the night, yeah!

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