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Romaji Title: me me she
Kanji Title: me me she
English Title: me me she

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Noda Youjirou

I was lit up, you were cloudy
I wonder if taking our dreams onto our backs in this love was a heavy burden?

I've forgotten the way in which you grow to dislike things
No matter where I search, it isn't to be found

On that day, if you want...

I wanted you to tell me, when you told me "goodbye"
A way of getting out of that promise, a way of loving someone else
But the truth is that I don't want to hear them

I made the promise "We'll be together until we're both 100"
I didn't think that our 101st year would come this quickly

I'm really sorry for saying things like this
Though I understand it in my head, my heart has mixed feelings

But that's how I am

The one who made me, the one who helped me
Was definitely Papa, but it was probably Mama, but I don't think it was God
In short, you were all that was left

Even if I'm bound to someone else
Fate dwells in between us
And certainly amidst all of that, your genetics are
Quietly being mixed in

But if you're not here, things will definitely be boring
If I want to kill some time, I'll be waiting until 2085

I really want to thank you for everything up until now, and I'm really sorry it too
It's my turn to wait this time, whether you live your life or not
But it's the first time that I was able to make a promise while laughing

Along with goodbye, these words from me
Along with "thank you", "I'm sorry"

"The sky sure is pretty, people sure are sad"
Cleanse me with the truth that is again transparent

If there's something next for me

I love you, you love me
Keeping this up, before I knew it I thought so fondly of myself
If I were to name this love, its name would be "thank you"

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