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Fictionjunction Yuuka

Romaji Title: akatsuki no kuruma
Kanji Title: 暁の車
English Title: The Dawn's Vehicle

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kajiura Yuki

This song was featured as an insert song in the anime "Gundam Seed".

Calling out to the wind and lying face down in the shade of the trees, I'm crying
I was looking at a version of myself that I didn't even recognize
I'm playing the tune of a person who has passed away on my guitar
A star falls on the grief of a person who won't come back again
Don't go, no matter how much you scream
All that will happen is that the
Orange petals will quietly sway
Left behind on my soft brow
I send the memories in the palm of my hand far away
I keep on strumming an eternal farewell

A child's heart, clinging to a gentle hand
The blazing wheels shake it off and move forward
I'm playing the tune of a person who has passed away on my guitar
Violently strumming the strings of my heart
In a pure white, uncolored by sadness
Orange petals were
Swaying in the shadow of summer
Even if I lose my soft brow
I'll cross over the far off sand, colored red
The rhythm of goodbye

Burned into my memories, in this ever-advancing world
There is something that is sprouting in rememberance

Seeing off the dawn's vehicle
The orange petals
Are swaying somewhere, even now
Until I get back the peaceful dawn
That I saw one day, once again
Don't let the light go out
The wheels continue to turn

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