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Inugami Circus Dan

Romaji Title: jigoku no komori uta
Kanji Title: 地獄の子守唄
English Title: Hell's Lullaby

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Inugami Akira作詞・作曲:犬神 明

Pushing my way through corpses with their eyes gouged out
I continue to dance on this moonless night
Puss is oozing from the wound in my forehead
That has burst open like a pomegranate
Your corpose that has decayed in the rain, sways
The birds will peck at it, and it will soon be only white bones
Hell's lullaby

Prying open your lips, I insert a burnt pebble
Smoke rises from your festering organs
Your limbs are cut off, your skin is stripped off
Even if it is thrown into an iron pot to cook
You won't forget about the bond of love, a love that strayed from roads traveled by man
The red rope that was fastened around our necks in that world
Hell's lullaby

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