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Romaji Title: rojiura boku to kimi e
Kanji Title: 路地裏 僕と君へ
English Title: To You and I, In a Back Alley

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Tatsurou
Music : Miya

You're going away soon, I knew that from the beginning
I pretend not to realize, saying that I have a bad habit of making myself a way out, with a forced laugh
The sky that was always dark, is now empty

The boy who lost his fingers cried, unable to grasp ahold of love or dreams
He was in a back alley so many times, hoping for rebirth on the seventh morning

Hoisting up an answer full of patches
If being poisoned could relax me
Then I'd throw myself into the nectar of temptation, without hesitation

Ahh, if I wasn't chosen, then it looks like I was just one of your casual toys after all
Ahh, a piece of the discharging darkness that I created broke off, it said "thank you"

Going to waste, blooming in profusion, all living creates
Let it all burn to ashes; Standards, yes, they're different, so different...
If dropping a drop of water into the ocean is the same as mingling
Then let it all burn to ashes; Love, return to ashes

Ahh, impatient with a stopped heart, a maestro has begun to go mad, without keeping a hold on reality
The patch covered "goodbye" that I held up in that back alley

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