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Hirai Ken

Romaji Title: kimi no suki na toko
Kanji Title: 君の好きなとこ
English Title: The Things That I Like About You

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Hirai Ken

I can't look you right in the face and say it, so much that it makes my heart grow fonder
There are so many things that I like about you, that I can't even count them all

Now that I'm standing in front of you, I can't say anything
There have been so many things that have piled up, over the days we couldn't see each other; Wishes, confusion, and sighs

Hey, if I try and explain this feeling that I'm feeling right now, to you
I wonder if you'd have a puzzled looking your face? I hope it would be just the opposite

Your shy smile, your pouting profile, your distraught tear-stained face
Your long lashes, the shape of your ears, and your bangs that are cut too short

When it comes to the things that I like about you, there are as many as there are stars
I can't even put a single one of them into words

The more I fall in love with you, the better my bargaining gets
But my hands always fall just short of the irritation in my heart

I want to see your puzzled expression, when I try and say something mean to you
The truth is, everything about you is cute, there's no helping it

The dimple that you only have on one side, your voice that's cracky in the morning
The color of your lips, the smell of your hair, your warmth when I held you

When it comes to the things that I like about you, I know them better than anyone else
So why can't I tell you that?

When you're hungry, you get into a bad mood, and are silent
When you're drunk, you fall asleep right away, and whine that you don't want to go home

There are a few places that you don't like
But when we meet up at them, you always let it go

Your relieved face, your eyebrows that form the character for "ha" when you smile
Even though you're sarcastic, you're surprisingly sympathetic

I'm so happy that I, more than anyone else in the world
Know the things that I like about you

Hey look, you're smiling now

Why is it that I can't form the words...

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