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Demon Kogure Kakka

Romaji Title: enishi
Kanji Title:
English Title: Bond

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kogure Denemon

When the snow falls, my feelings are revived
Opening my mouth, I drank in the sky, on that day

Oh feelings that came to life on that far away elegant stage, from so long ago
The cords that are widely tied to our dreams, show off a hidden reality

On the hill of a foreign country, the city lights
Tickle a returning sympathy

The honors that you're decorated with during the morning of your funeral
Those sorts of things are deceptions for a miserable person, the medals of a ruined land

"Show me the treasure of your heart
As you are living your life"

I don't need songs for men and women, instead of that
A story of a falling bond, that can't be bought with money

Even if I died right here, it would be so far away
That a notice of my remains wouldn't even be sent out

This passing bond is something that you won't hear a story about again
Tonight too, the snow just continues to fall, without knowing melting
One day, you too will be able to see my words

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