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Sukima Switch

Romaji Title: Marine Snow
Kanji Title: マリンスノウ
English Title: Marine Snow

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Sukima Switch

I'm hurled into a sea of loneliness; Oh man, I wonder if I'm going to drown
So no, I can't drag myself out; anyway, if I fall, then I'll rot away
I'm going to become bait for deep sea fishes

I had thought that you were ethereal; If I lost you, I would suffocate

My body is simply sinking, the sky is going far off, I'm getting buried in ultra marine
If only we could have had a stronger relationship...

I tried to run away from the sea that you weren't at, but I can't swim with the weight of my own memories

I was searching for life, with love, and my deeds were taking shape
My senses are dulling, I can't hear anything; I don't know if my eyes are open or not

The way you acted, the warmth within you; Those things are all floating before me, and disappearing

Now, the world is broken; When I struggle, I become entangled, and I'm becoming colored in despair
If only I could have looked into your eyes more...

Only memories are left behind in the darkness, where no one else is; Everything is being snatched away from me

My body is simply sinking, the depths of the sea are washing away my tears and cries
I wish I could just turn into a cast-off skin, already

If only I could drift about in the depths of my deep subconscious, passing through time, staying like this forever
I wonder if I can be reborn here, alone

I tried to live my life at sea that you weren't at, but I can't swim with the weight of my own memories

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