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Bump Of Chicken

Romaji Title: Ever lasting lie
Kanji Title: Ever lasting lie
English Title: Ever lasting lie

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujiwara Motou

Holding a rusty shovel, on the sandy beach
A person digging to their dreams, as though they were fighting for them
Even if my body is scorched by the sun, burning red
I'd desperately try and crawl away
The life of a person you love is a highly priced item
Even if everyone all over lowered their heads, it wouldn't be enough
"Isn't there no oil, except that that you dig for?"
Taking that sarcastic statement seriously, I lept out

But my real find was these long months and years

"Sir Destiny, you probably have a lot of fun rolling people's lives about, don't you?
Smile, you're probably watching me, right? Watching me wriggling and struggling"

In this dead town, wearing a dress of night
There's a person who offers a love that's like fiction
Even if I give my body over to someone's chest and arms
I still have only one heart
I tenderly lied to that person that I love
"To be together is fine, just wait until you believe in tomorrow"
"Where can something like being able to believe, be found?"
As I think those things, those words are like my good luck charm

I continued to murmur, throughout the long years and months

"Sir Destiny, even you can't set these feelings into motion, can you?
It never changes, throughout countless mornings; I'm remembering that tender lie"

A person digging to their dreams, a person who has them
I was believing in the two of us, instead of in destiny

In a small church in town, an old woman who has lived a long life, has fallen asleep
She can't really move that well, so everything morning she'd just mutter something and smile
Holding a broken shovel, on the sandy beach, a person digging to their dreams, as though they were fiction
Their eyes, within the wrinkles that are carved into them
Are still frantic, just frantic

The real find was...

"Sir Destiny, you, are you watching me?
I can't let myself say "I've had enough already"
Even now, I'm digging to my dreams, feeling that wonderful feeling of frustration"
"Sir Destiny, just what were my dreams?
Just what it is that's moved me this far?
It feels like I've been keeping something important waiting..."

A person digging to their dreams, a person who has them
A lie that has passed through many nights

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