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Romaji Title: RETURNER ~yami no shuuen~
Kanji Title: RETURNER 〜闇の終焉〜
English Title: Returner ~The Demise of Darkness~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Gackt.C

This was an image song for a character played by Gackt, in the NHK Taiga drama (period drama, about Samurai) "fuurinkazan".

As the moon, afraid of loneliness, holds onto the sky
I cried out, searching for you, who I couldn't see through my tears

The me reflected in your eyes was laughing
It was before I wasn't able to see your smile again

I continue to cry out in the darkness, I can see you
You're too far away...

Hold me so tightly that I'll break
If I could only see you once again, even in my dreams
Please give me eternal sleep

Hold me so tightly that I'll break
I awaken from my dreams, and it disappears
Your voice, and your smile that I love too much

I'll see you once again, because I promised that I would
Cover me gently in a love that overflows
Please give me eternal sleep

I can't see you...

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