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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: shiori
Kanji Title: しおり
English Title: Bookmark

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Futoshi

This was used as a theme song in a commercial for Asahi's "Mitsuya Cider" beverage.

Coming out of a path that stretches along the river, it's just a little further to the clock tower
This is right around where I taught you, who wasn't very good at whistling, how to do it

I've decided that I'm going to burn this picture frame that's decorated with memories
How many times has the world turned now?

A gentle breeze on the way home, always at 5:00 in the evening
The clock tower in front of the station, that's where we met
Two and a half minutes late, I came came up to you at a little bit of a run, and wrapped my arms around you
On the evening of that far off day

I haven't found an answer that seems like an answer, to the things that I worried about
I'm trying to set the future into the gentle breeze that passes by, saying "a promise"...

Is it because I would knew it all pass by, and disappear?
The beautiful scenery always makes me a little sad

Flowers decorate the window sill, it's a calm early afternoon
Things are just this wonderfully mundane
"The moment" will escape through the crack called let's live for "the moment"
The flow of time taught us this

You & I...

Even though, at the clock tower in front of the station, two and a half minutes later
There was a couple that started walking together, cuddled up
The sound of my lone footsteps didn't really make me sad
But it will take time for my heart to go toward tomorrow

A gentle breeze on the way home, what is reflected
In your eyes today? What are you thinking? What is it that you wanted?
I don't know where happiness can be found
I just look up to the sky and think "I loved you today too"

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