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Aqua Timez

Romaji Title: shabondama Days
Kanji Title: シャボン玉Days
English Title: Soap Bubble Days

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Futoshi
Music : Futoshi & Daisuke

As I thought of the person that is most important to me in the world, I walked along a cherry blossom colored path, alone
Oh person that is most important to me in the world, I love you, bye bye...

When I opened the window, I took a deep breath
My spring dreams expand out into the cheerfulness, that's different from usual
It's like playing with soap bubbles
When you pop one, it's reborn anew, and hopes return
Right now, I'm not scared of anything strange, but even if I was apart from you
The sky, the sky would be connecting us together, so we could get through anything, no matter what it was
One day, one day, when I go to see you, let's send some soap bubbles flying out

Writing down the phrase "Have a nice life.", I send it flying as a paper airplane
There's so much that you want to hear from me, it's got me worried
Have your tears dried already? Have you gotten your smile back?
Well first off, if the answer to those two questions is "Yes", then please, please answer me
I ran into myself from back on that day, changed, and now I'm a positive boy
Windswept, I'm sweating beneath the sun
The mark on my right side has changed, it's changed to say "if you've got the energy, you can do anything"
When I remember you, it doesn't hurt anymore

When the cherry blossom petals dance in your sky
I'm praying from a far away place, for you to be happy...

You sent me a letter, "I got married"
Was the subject of it; it doesn't hurt me
It doesn't really hurt me at all, I'm not thinking anything of it anymore
At least that's what I'm telling myself, but the sky is clear, and the birds are chirping
The flowers are blooming, it's like a spring festival
I can't let myself cry, I'm going to send you my blessing
Smiling, I'm going to live my life for today, treasure the person who is at my side
I'm going to put all of my love into everything that I touch

Smile again, I head toward the far away future, without standing still
Keep on, let the party continue, make noise and laugh, put your hands up

This is the last song that I'll sing for you
I'll put into it a little strength, and my true blessing
The cherry blossom petals dance in my sky today
I'll send some goodbye soap bubbles off to you, from a far away place

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