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Takahashi Hitomi

Romaji Title: JET BOY JET GIRL
English Title: JET BOY JET GIRL

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Takahashi Hitomi, mavie
Music : TAKUYA

This song was the opening theme to TBS anime "chikyuu e..."

I was looking at it on the other side of the glass; my young future was sparkling
When I lost my eway, I lost sight of the light; I met you at the end of the night

I was thinking about it, why am I here, I wonder?
I want a reason, but I haven't found one
I don't really understand love or dreams well, but
When I hold your hand, I can fly far away

Jet boy, accelerate, don't let go, no matter what
Jet girl, push on, ascend up the air current, and fly high
There's no reasoning behind it, I want to be at your side
With just that, I can be invincible

A childlike mischievous grin is reflected in the soda water
Amongst every single boring day, today too, the special things just keep increasing

I'm stubborn, why can't I be myself?
Again, I throw out some awkward words
We just miss one another, if I could understand the reason why
Then I would want to happen across you over and over again

An azure colored marble swayed side to side

Jet boy, rise up, don't get in the way, no matter what
Jet girl, the tension that runs ahead at full speed, won't stop
I want to see you in person, instead of gathering up 100 words to use
With just that, the world will move

Jet girl, reach out your hand, put it against mine, and grasp it
To the place that you've dreamed of, Jet boy

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