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Kuwata Keisuke

Romaji Title: ashita hareru ka na
Kanji Title: 明日晴れるかな
English Title: I Wonder if it Will be Sunny Tomorrow?

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Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke

Hot tears and cries of love
Where has the day that they could shine, disappeared to?
If I wander about aimlessly on the road, tomorrow too
I can't go back to the beginning anymore

When I listen closely, what is the voice in my heart
Saying to me, I wonder?
Right now, in a dirty corner of the city
When I think of the sky back then

I've been given more loneliness and trouble, from the gods
When you want to cry, go ahead and cry
Is this fate, I wonder?
Should I give up?
The seasons are like changing magic

Oh, baby. No, maybe.
Have you lost "love", and have no "emotion"?
You pretend like you're grieving
And just make it the world's fault

Oh, baby. You're maybe.
I've lost "grief", and have no "ease"
A happy feeling
Hold me, one more time.

Memories are such beautiful things
So that you can love the way you were, back in the old days
Lives that are still unseen exist in order to make a single dream come true
More so than the far off past does

Who will open the door of miracles?
Smile for me, just one more time
You probably realize it, don't you?
That the key is
In the palm of your hand

Why baby? Oh, tell me.
Have you lost "love", and have no "hate"?
You pretend like you don't see it
Is it to protect me?

Oh, baby. You're maybe.
This game's going to last a little bit longer!!
A feeling like I'm being crushed
I'm going to get past it, for one more chance.

I talk to myself...

Oh, baby. No, maybe.
Have you lost "love", and have no "emotion"?
You pretend like you're grieving
All that's left are regrets!!

Oh, baby. Smile baby.
This life doesn't last forever
Everyone is softly whispering that
Within their hearts

"I wonder if it will be sunny tomorrow..."

Beneath the far away sky

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