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Ali Project

Romaji Title: junkyousha no yubi
Kanji Title: 殉教者の指
English Title: The Fingers of a Martyr

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Houno Arika
Music : Katakura Mikiya

This song was featured in the anime ".hack//roots" as an insert song.

Alright, try to count the hearts
In a body coiled in thorns
There are some over there, here, and even there
They're bursting apart
Hate, jealousy, love, desire

Ahh, when I have feelings for you
Ahh, I can't be stopped
Not even after this kind of torture

Try and connect these blood vessels
Red threads, sewn into my flesh
This length that continues dizzly along
The distance to you
Is thick, narrow, hot, and solid

When you shout out flowery words, like "love"
Impurity is revealed when it's peeled off
Death is breaking apart

If you shout out flowery words, like "love"
The intoxication is secretly being replaced with pain
Ahh, yet I still have feelings for you
All I can do is live my life
And endure the torture

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