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Sugazaki Akane

Romaji Title: koi gokoro
Kanji Title: 恋ごころ
English Title: My Love

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Sugazaki Akane
Music : Oono Aika

This song was featured as the ending theme to anime "Tantei Gakuen Q".

Gazing at the passing of the clouds, that continues on far into the distance
I whistle, not able to cry in front of you

I can't say the words "stay with me forever"

Oh, my overflowing love, I try to make my sad feelings
Disappear into the sky, so that they'll go unnoticed
And I see you off with my best smile
That seems to make you feel relieved
Goodbye, and thank you

I wonder what our respective futures will be like?
I think about those sorts of things, as I'm waiting for the twilight

I want to believe that we'll meet again one day, but...

Oh, my trembling love, a sad goodbye was
Already close at hand, from the day that we met
Me being able to be here with you, and us understanding each other
Has made me happy, and scared me

I can't tell this kind of a secret to anyone
It's shut away in my heart, I want to foster it

Oh, my love, oh, unbearable feelings
This is my first time loving a person this much, since I was born
Even now, I feel the illusion in my heart
That you will always be here

Oh, my love, oh, red sky
At last the clouds part, and are enveloped by the twilight
Tomorrow will come again, but
A city without you is one that's a little vast for me
"I want to see you again"

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