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Kuwata Keisuke

Romaji Title: kaze no uta wo kikasete
Kanji Title: 風の詩を聴かせて
English Title: Let me Hear the Wind's Song

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke

This song was featured in the movie "Life tengoku de kimi ni aetara"

Nestled up to the pillow that is my dreams
I call out your name one more time
A momentary meeting
In this world where I'm all alone

Going far into eternity, you're my angel
Singing the praises of the sea, and loving people
You set off on a journey that you won't return from

Oh summer day, I love you forever
Fleetingness is the heat haze in the air
Dancing on the waves, the sail fluttered
The people are already passed away

Held by the wind, that carries the echoes of the sea
I just cry with uncertainty
Even now, I haven't forgotten
You are breathing in my spirit

When the constellations on a midsummer's night
Grow hazy with yearning
Then tomorrow too, wind is high
My tears can't be stopped anymore

The Lantern Festival fireworks are strangely silent
Why do they stir up again in a single moment?
A bewitching, perfect beauty
The fate of these people's world

When you're reborn, be my angel
Meeting for the first time, crying, laughing...and
Our souls become the wind, together

Till we're together one day
I'm lost in vestiges of you
The season of fun and sun is ending

If I could fly through the sky
With wings like an angel's
I would want to come and see you
Are you sailing now in heaven?

Beyond the rainbow, I can see
The future, burning with hope
If I'm going to protect that future
Then I won't lose out to sadness

Held by the wind, that carries the echoes of the sea
I hum a melody
And before too long, when I die
I'll kiss you, above the clouds
With a smile like you had back on that day
Let me hear the wind's song again

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