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Utada Hikaru

Romaji Title: Making Love
Kanji Title: Making Love
English Title: Making Love

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Utada Hikaru
作詞・作曲:Utada Hikaru

We've finally known each other for 10 years
Where should we start?
You suddenly decided that you were going to move

I'm not scared of having a long distance relationship, or anything like that
That's how I feel these days, in my heart
Even though there's absolutely no way that
We won't see each other again, I'll think about it

I'm glad that I met you
Even though you're in a city far away, give it your best
You're already making love in a new room

If you have money problems
Then I'll lend you whatever I can
Our relationship will not change

In this day and age, even friends compliment one another
I'll show myself only to you, without keeping any secrets
Even though it's not any fun, I don't want to pretend
It's just that I'm so tired of this

I'm glad that I met you
I'm giving it my best here, in this city
Amidst my long, long dream, I'm singing loud!

When time passes by so cruelly
A best friend is necessary
We're tired, and growing up

I'm closer to a subway station than I am a nice sunny spot
And the guy who lives next door is a good guy
The economics of being with a kind boyfriend
As reliable as I appear to be
You and I are complete opposites
But saying that I'm starting all over again feels awkward
I'm a woman who's fallen in love for the first time
So listen to something that's called "from now on"

A single flower has bloomed in my introverted heart

I want there to be happiness more than anyone else
Sadness doesn't suit your eyes
Even though I don't feel it, I don't want to pretend
Even though it's night time, things are still bright

Light pours down onto you
Even though you're in a fast moving city, you're doing fine, aren't you?
You're already making love in a new room

I'm glad that I met you
I don't need a best friend
I've found the answer that I continued to search for

Even though the piano from that far off, past summer day
Is still sounding out
In order to cherish me, I can't wake up yet

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