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Southern All Stars

Romaji Title: anata dake wo ~Summer Hearbreak~
Kanji Title: あなただけを ~Summer Heartbreak~
English Title: Only You ~Summer Heartbreak~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kuwata Keisuke

Don't cry, wipe away your overflowing tears
Don't go, that summer was a dream
And now, a single moment in time is left behind from that memory

A hot sigh comes out of a tear colored shell
Without knowing where love is
I'd gone numb, like an idol
Ah, it's a long vacation, full only of pain

Taking both kindness and betrayl into my body
Ah, as I swayed to the sound of the waves, I was loved

Don't cry, anything and everything saddens your heart
Don't go, beneath the sun
The summer illusion of us kissing one another

Every night, I look at vestiges of you, on the beach that we had fun together on
The waves swept away your high heels
I seduced you as much as I possibly could
Ah, it's a long vacation, certainly in order to forget about that

Pressed against your tanned cheek, we mischieviously intertwined
Embracing you at your chest, ah, wet with love

Hold me, I want you to gaze at me once more
On the beach stage, at dusk
Only the moonlight will follow

Only you

A straw hat that someone dropped
Is swept away by the waves, and the summer has ended

Don't cry, beneath the sun
I fell in love with a far away illusion

I'm going to keep loving
Only you
In my memories will be
Only you

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