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Romaji Title: haisai! SUMMER GIRL
Kanji Title: ハイサイ! SUMMER GIRL
English Title: Hi! SUMMER GIRL

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yoshida Yasuhide
Music : Uezato Yu

The phrase "haisai" is an Okinawan greeting, which is appropriate since both members of D-51 are Okinawan. It's used to give the song more of an Okinawan feel (because nothing says summer like Okinawa).

Where did you fly down from?
On this dazzling sandy beach, in mid summer
You show me your white skin, as you swim
It's as though the spray spreads out around you like wings
Embraced by the sun, which shines down on your wet body
Enchanted by you, coming up out of the sea, my heart dances

You & I, like this, fusing together in the light
I want to drown in your beautiful eyes
But yet, you & I
Our time is limited
But if you want it
I'll never let you go
Don't be irritated, summer girl

What did you come in search of?
Did you come to forget someone in your heart?
The wind swaying your t-shirt
I want to touch the line drawn on your body
When our eyes meet, I definitely
Fall into them deeper than the sea
Remembering feelings that I can't go back to again
My heart bursts

You & I, like this
Fusing together in the light
I want to invite you
Into a world only for the two of us
Just who can know that you & I
In our limited time together
Are so passionate
Try me, summer girl

The scenario is always perfect, in my head
Afterward, I'll get up my courage
And just call out to you
I want to hold you, having you all to myself!

"Hi! Summer girl"
Make me dream!
Surrending yourself to the passion, lay your heart bare
From here on out, you & I, in this time that won't come again
How about we try and feel the miracles that we both have come to know?
Answer me, summer girl

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