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Hayashi Asuca

Romaji Title: kokoro no mama ni
Kanji Title: 心のままに
English Title: What's in Your Heart

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Asuca Hayashi
Music : Susumu Kawai
作詩:Asuca Hayashi
作曲:Susumu Kawai

This song was featured as an insert song in the 2006 NHK serialized novel, "imotako nankin".

It's alright to just go on just as you are

There is no color that's drawn in your heart
There's a future that you can't yet see
Your efforts give it color
Your courage gives it structure

Hey, raising your hands up to freedom
Did things move along like you thought they would?
It's alright to think about it

It's alright to just go on just as you are
No matter how strong of a wind blows
Whether you're crying, or struggling
Don't stop moving
Someday, the light will shine in

You can't see any answers
In each repeating day
You don't want to hurt aymore
I know that the feeling is so bad that it hurts

Instead of turning your back to the answer that you search for
Take a look at yourself, who is right here
And make the step that you take right now, a firm one

Right now, I want to touch the wounds on your heart
Words aren't enough
I want to tell you, I want to tell you
I hold you tight

Certainly, somewhere you're believing in
The reason that you're walking around with
Because you continue to have feelings that can't be quenched
You won't give up

The meaning of you being there
Is certainly all right here
Those words are sounding out in my heart
Don't stop moving
Someday, the light will shine in

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