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The Back Horn

Romaji Title: hane ~yozora wo koete~
Kanji Title: 羽根〜夜空を越えて〜
English Title: Wings ~Passing Through the Night Sky~

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Lyrics & Music : THE BACK HORN

Loving a person that much is definitely
A great feeling, the best one in life
Me, who loving words don't come out of too well
Sung my favorite song

Ahh, your face that seems embarrassed, but happy
But now, I can't see it anymore

One day, my feelings will pass through the night sky
And it would be nice if they went to where you are

On that day, all of the sounds from your world
Cut off, so suddenly

Ah, if they won't reach you, then I don't need a song
I drug a razor across my throat

It's Christmas in the city, and your favorite
"Silent Night" was playing

Ahh, they weren't exactly right, but they weren't mistakes either
We certainly did live our lives

My feelings are now passing through the night sky
I have a hunch that they're going to where you are

And all around the world, voiceless sounds
Lie thick, in a seemingly happy way

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