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Romaji Title: LAYLA
Kanji Title: LAYLA
English Title: LAYLA

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : TAKURO

Layla, "I hope that when I'm born again, I'll still be myself"
Layla, I looked up to you, being so proud like that
Layla, not everyone can live their lives that way
Layla, oh
Layla, following your dreams is an ignorant cruelty
Layla, as we were walking, we strayed away from kindness
Layla, I can see the future that we were hoping for
Layla, far in the distance

A tired gait and a heavy heart
The darkness of the cold room, in front of the mirror
I pretend to know the meaning of
"The most important things
Aren't those that we can see"

I can still do it
Though I I'm not sure that
Wow, I can conduct myself
Quite as well as I once could
Sticking my tongue out at the idea of giving up
If I can't get rid of it, then I'll fight it
Live forever
Hiding the trembling in my legs, I challenge tomorrow

Layla, you wave to me and say goodbye, from the usual ticket check area
Layla, is the passion to makes you
Layla, want to still see me still in your heart
Layla, even during the inconsequential times that we can't see?

What do I sacrifice, where do I go?
Who do I hold with these filthy hands?
Even though you wrapped me up, Layla
In a love more special than anyone else's
I could never quite be myself

I heard a voice saying goodbye
"Find yourself love that's tender"
Wow, when the spring storms blow up the new leaves
We continue on with the only dream that's left
For the two of us that, back in those days
Lived our lives so that no traces were left behind

You didn't say a single word of blame to me
Who was broken by his dreams
No matter how miserable the times
We shot jokes back and forth
Now, I can't just do nothing but hang my head

Hey Layla
I can still do it
Though I I'm not sure that
Wow, I can conduct myself
Quite as well as I once could
Before I knew it, I'd broken the key
To my heart that had been closed away
Live forever
Even when we're born again, let's meet one another

You looking up to the same sky as me
Is what allows me to live until tomorrow
Can you hear it?
The song of love and gentleness, and having met someone

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