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Romaji Title: tabi bito beginner
Kanji Title: 旅人ビギナー
English Title: Travelling Beginner

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Nishimura Shinya

What color was the evening twilight that I saw so long ago?
It makes my heart falter

How many are there? Things that I haven't seen, that is
When I didn't like the world, I always turned away from it

When I stretch out my hand to measure, I wonder how many centimeters it is?
I get embarrassed, and lower my hand
And in the disappearing light, the hands that I always held up over my head
Were lost in time, I was worried about losing everything

The smoke that passed through the filter
Loosens my heart like this

There is just one thing, and that is that
I won't stop nipping the future that I want to see, in the bud

What is it that's been stopping me for all this time?
Becoming the blowing wind, I let go of your hands
The feelings of intoxication don't stop, I can go anywhere
Casting off the shed skin of mine that danced in the wind, it burned my body

Am I putting another bullet into the 12 calibre of my pride?
Aligning it with my temple
I get a dangerous sensation, like playing Russian Roulette
Losing my memories that wander about at the edges of my mind, they were probably just dreams

And I close my eyes to the scenery before me now
Just like closing the shutters

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