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Okui Masami

Romaji Title: rinbu-revolution
Kanji Title: 輪舞-revolution
English Title: Dancing Round and Round-Revolution

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Masami Okui
Music : Toshiro Yabuki
作詩:Masami Okui
作曲:Toshiro Yabuki

This was the opening theme song to "Revolutionary Girl Utena", or "Shoujo Kakumei Utena".

Let's live our lifes bravely and with style...
Even if the two of us should be seperated...take my revolution

Hand in hand, in the sunlit garden, we comforted each other by vowing
That neither of us would fall in love again
Our unity was so strong, that it changed form
And now, our life style is this strong, everyday...everytime

There's a little bit of loneliness crammed into the smile that I have in that picture of us, cheek to cheek

From tomorrow on, I'm going to be a brave and stylish woman, that everyone will turn around and look at
Even if the two of us should be seperated, our hearts will be forever together

I know that love is something that can't be bought with money
But is "I" something that can buy money? They said so on T.V.
Apathy...indifference, there's no limit to them
Them thinking that all young people are that way makes me feel so bad!
There's no helping it

But we treasure our friends more than anything else, certainly more than adults do

Though I dream, cry, and get hurt, reality comes recklessly
I can't lose my place in life, or self worth, in order to protect myself

I'll go my way, I can't turn back; before the time comes where each of us chooses our own path
I'll release the memories that are this, just this me...

Take my revolution, let's live our lives, reality comes recklessly
I want to find my place in life, my self worth, and who I've been up until today
Bravely flinging off my clothes until I'm nude, like roses whirling in freedom
Even if the two of us should be seperated, I will change the world

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