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Bump Of Chicken

Romaji Title: Gungnir
Kanji Title: グングニル
English Title: Gungnir

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujiwara Motou

Gungnir is the name of the spear that belonged to Odin, in Scandanavian mythology. It was built by a dwarf named Dvalin, for Loki.

He's awful; he's as suspicious looking as they come, with a shabby looking treasure map
But according to others, that in itself is the treasure
"He knows where to find a lot of treasure"
He who believed that, finally set out on a journey to determine the truth behind it

Everyone spoke ill of him, saying "everyone is dazzled by that ridiculous map"

He simply appraises people, one at a time
Even the gods of the world have no right to laugh at him

He's awful, though he gets things done
He diligently and honestly built his own boat
In commemoration of his first weapon
Saying good bye, with luggage piled up, he set sail onto the sea at sunrise
Not being able to stand it, he hoised his fist into the air, and resounded out a war cry
He's awful; he's as suspicious looking as they come, with a shabby looking treasure map
But according to everyone, that in itself is the treasure
It really is big, though it's a fantasy that everyone seems to be doubt
But according to those who believed it, he'll probably add it to his autobiography

Everyone has gone off so far away, and have cursed the boat
"Please high waves, take that devilish thing"

He simply stands in the way of resolution
When he lowers his fist down onto the end of a dream

A knight on the brink of death, Gungnir in his hand
It will definitely go through whatever he has it aimed at

Whenever anyone saw that hand, they would wave
Heading toward the boat that races across the golden ocean
Searching for the pieces of the map that he tore up with his own hands, he gathered them up

He simply appraises himself
Even if gods of the world laugh at you, I certainly won't
The boat is now in the middle of a storm
Even though the gods of the world want to have the right to save it

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