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Fairy Fore

Romaji Title: aidoru ~idoll~
Kanji Title: アイドル~idoll~
English Title: Idol ~idoll~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Genouzono Takashi
Arrangement : Fairy Fore & Akashi Masao
編曲:Fairy Fore & 明石昌夫

I nervously scatter courtesies, and at the last moment I'm manipulated from
An unseen place
On the face of Buddha, the contents are pitch black like Thou, as I'm
"There's only you" "This is how much I love you"
All of it... was a lie. (T T)

If the unchanging world lets go of everything and anything, I'll show you
Marvelous dreams

"But you're still a child..." "I'm already grown-up, aren't I?" Excuses
Again and again, the adults' excuses
Were transparent lies, full of confidence; just a dictatorship without
We can't associate, we're not laughing anymore
Will you permit us to do so? (-.-;)

I'm admiring everyone's cathode ray phantoms. Isn't it projecting nicely?
It's full of helpless things, but you aren't mourning
So, fix your eyes on me

If the unchanging world lets go of everything and anything, I'll send you
Marvelous dreams
I'm full of things that I want to teach you, but you're mourning
I just told a little lie

Because I want to yearn for something, my honesty is everyone's secret
We entrust even a fake laugh to each other
Because we don't have lovers either... because the night is dreaming alone
So, fix your eyes on me

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