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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: Fake
Kanji Title: フェイク
English Title: Fake

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kazutoshi Sakurai
作詩・作曲:Kazutoshi Sakurai

Now that you mention it, we're basically just fakes, created as likenesses
In order to avoid catching onto this right away, we live our false-bottomed lives

The feeling of cursing someone from their cheeks down to their diaphragm, wells up inside of me
Saying "I hate this!"
I'm living my life today as something of a last resort

Carrying futility, with my dreams dangling, I take off to tomorrow, from the second floor
Even if I turn to ashes
Giving up is just starting over again, from the beginning
It's as though I don't hate myself anymore, oh oh oh
I'm going to believe in the lies that are ingrained into my body

How long of a pace should I go with? First off, how far is it to get there?
In the end, squeezing out advice about this and that, backfires on me

Woman have said "I love you"
It's the only substitute for exchanging those words with someone else
I realized this while removing the hook, I just continue to thrust my hips

Burdened with loneliness, connect me to love, as I take off from the second basement floor of the past
Like a hyena
I've stumbled and slipped, though by being cornered
I've managed to regain a little bit of my pride, oh oh oh
What I have in my hands is yet another fake

The plunging sound, the reflections in your eyes
I clear my mind, that had been blocked for awhile
What can you see? Whose voice can you hear?
Will you be able to hold me forever?

Carrying futility, with my dreams dangling, I take off to tomorrow, from the second floor
I'm going to high jump
Being deceived is believing without learning a thing
If I can not be suspicious of everyone anymore, oh oh oh, if we can forgive each other
On the day when I was embracing my cherished treasure
Even if it had suddenly been revealed to be a fake, oh oh oh
I would believe in the lies that are ground into the world
Everything is fake
And even that...

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