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Mizuki Ichirou

Romaji Title: Mazinger Z
Kanji Title: マジンガーZ
English Title: Mazinger Z

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Azuma Fumihiko
Music : Watanabe Michiaki

The Mazinger Z robot itself is activated by a hover vehicle named Pilder landing on the head, and shouting "pairudaa on!".

An iron castle, towering high in the sky
It's the super robot, Mazinger Z
It's unrivaled power is all for us
The heart of justice is turned "on!" by Pilder
Let it's fist fly! Rocket Punch
Right now, send it out, Breast Fire
Mazin-Go! Mazin-Go!
Mazinger "Z!"

An iron castle, smashing mountains
It's the super robot, Mazinger Z
It's anger of justice is for us all
Prayers for piece are turned "on!" by Pilder
Launched, and hit! Missile Punch
Right now, send it out, Rust Hurricane
Mazin-Go! Mazin-Go!
Mazinger "Z!"

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