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Romaji Title: someiyoshino
Kanji Title: ャ<Cヨシノ
English Title: Yoshino Cherry Tree

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Here are some notes regarding the translation: Instead of using the normal word for "eyes" he uses the scientific word which technically means "eyeball". "Someiyoshino" is a Yoshino cherry tree but it can also be a woman's name as well (well, the Yoshino part that is). Also, he never writes "stir up" in the line "What kind of emotions do you stir up in us?". All he writes is "what kind of emotions do you..." and then the next part is "to us..." so they're two fragments. Fragmentation in Japanese is beautiful and elegant way to convey an idea without having to 'vulgarly' say the entire thing. However, in English it's hard to state only a part of an idea and still have people understand what you're talking about so I decided to supply the missing intended words for clarification purposes. "Bunshin" means "a part" but it can also mean "a branch" or "an offshoot" which would wonderfully match the cherry tree imagery yet it would lessen comprehension. Hence I left is as "a part".

A screaming voice has again come crashing down...

These drops of water spill from these eyes
Won't someone tell me the reason why?
No one knows, nor can I ever know

There's no reason for them, so I cannot wipe them away
Isn't it the same for you? I want to hold you

Someiyoshino, each time
You embrace this season
What kind of emotions do you stir up in us?
Pink petals
Beautifully cover you
As you lean against the wind
A screaming voice has again come crashing down

The days I have come to be unable to meet you come, I'm waiting somewhere for you
Little birds loathe bad songs
Shall we secretly die? Shall we secretly sleep?

Figures standing neatly in line
Gently blur and made me passionate again

Someiyoshino, each time
You cry in this season
What kind of emotions do you stir up in us?
Don't tell me you've ascended to the heavens
Aren't I just one part of you?

A screaming voice has again forced me past you

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