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Romaji Title: Heart Of Gold
Kanji Title: Heart Of Gold
English Title: Heart Of Gold

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Kozo Nagayama
Music : Hirro Yamaguchi
作詞:Kozo Nagayama
作曲:Hiroo Yamaguchi

This is the theme song for the entertainment program premiering in fall of 2004, "Beat Pops".

No matter how much love there is
A withered flower will be resurrected
Closing my eyes, I listen to the wind's song
Of far-away memories that are cold and colorless

My tears flow sadly, because you continued to
Close off your heart
You forgot even the warmth of gentle people

Golden rain pours down, melt my dry heart
One quiet second before eternity
Certainly I'll happen across something named "love"
It was born, a precious heart of gold

No matter how much time passes
Flowers will bloom in the ground
We struggle, we hate
For self-satisfying and impure dreams

Righteousness is continually falsified
It's always someone's false
Holding out both blood smeared hands, I embrace the children

Golden stars pour down, I point out the road not on the map
I send out my ship into the sea of eternity
There are feelings I want to share, I won't forget this
I'll take love back one more time, heart of gold

Someone is hurt without someone else realizing it
If you look back on lost nights
Even your footprints are gone, they've disappeared

Golden time pours down, the sad past is erased
Hand in hand, we wait for happiness
I won't hide these feelings
I want to hold you
Honest feelings tell of my love
Heart of gold

A red flower has bloomed

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