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Romaji Title: sakura
Kanji Title: sakura
English Title: Cherry Blossoms
Anime: Eureka Seven Opening

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Iwata Acchu
Music : Kuribara Toshi

This was the fourth opening theme song to the anime "Eureka Seven".

A love ends along with
The light that shined in
First thing in the dreamy morning
From tomorrow on, we'll be on our seperate roads
I can't prepare
My heart for it that much

It's all too deep
The heart can't be touched directly

Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom
Good bye, fallin love

Cherry blossom
All alone
My sighs create a message
Goodbye, fallin love
Can you hear me, I wonder?

In this vast and hollow world
Your eyes that begin to speak, are just like back then
You look at me, and quietly smile
I wonder how it is that you can
Hold yourself up so straight?

It's not going to decrease
Is that something that we knew?

Cherry blossom
Your scattering voice
Goes on forever
Goodbye, fallin love

My sighs create a message
That goes up to
The lovely sky
Goodbye, fallin love

Cherry blossom
Where is the ending of
This continuous sadness?
Goodbye, fallin love

Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom
Forget all of your tears
From here on out, fallin love
Will this reach you?

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