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Romaji Title: tookage
Kanji Title: 遠影
English Title: Far Away Shadows

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Asou Tetsurou
Music : Taniguchi Naohisa

This song features American R&B legend, John Legend. He must have played the piano part, however, as his vocals don't seem to appear anywhere on this song This song was also used as the theme song for the Japanese-language version of the Hollywood animated movie "Open Season".

The memories of the time that I spent with gentle you
That I carried with me, along with my bag, pressed down on my heart

I chased after and caught up to the evening silhouettes
Purposely passing by the laughing voices that resounded

Lying down, I measure the distance to the hazy second star of the night
We created fairy tales together, as we liked

Walking by myself, I understood for the first time
No matter how much I overreached, those days enveloped me

Unable to sleep, I felt as though I could somehow
Hear a lullaby, whispered sadly, beside my bed

A blurred and warm hand, that I'm no longer grasping ahold of
One day it quietly let go of me, I could only move on

Walking by myself, I understood just now for the first time
Back then, the back that I turned was watched over as well

In dirty clothes, a stained melody
The song that I was taught by you, is a very simple one

When I leave, it's like everything burns, when time passes, it's like everything changes color
Why do even those childish days have to disappear?

I'm sorry for setting off on my journey without having said "goodbye"
Even now, you're certainly being watched over, from far away

I couldn't say "thank you" very well
But as I held onto those days, I looked up to you, and smiled

I continue to walk on by myself, like this
It's a road that I'm not familiar with, so I'll get lost
But holding my head, that is blurred with memories of kind you, high
I head toward tomorrow

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