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Hamasaki Ayumi

Romaji Title: JEWEL
Kanji Title: JEWEL
English Title: JEWEL

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Hamasaki Ayumi
Music : Tetsuya Yukumi
作曲:Tetsuya Yukumi

Today too, beneath the square, ashen sky
My every desire is fulfilled
Within all of this, you are always the one
Who can walk facing forward, without losing site of what's there

In a corner of this town
There is something left behind that hasn't been dirtied
That's what you tell me

Feeling exhausted
I watched you fall asleep
With bated breath
Yours is the only
Defenseless and lovely face
That I know, in the whole world

The rays of sunlight poured down
As they usually do
A gentle wind flickered, on that day

Within me, something is changing
Quietly, strongly, and surely
I alone felt that way

Even though it wasn't something to be sad about
Tears spilled down
Your memories were so painful that
It's as though they permeated the scars inside of my heart
And changed them into kindness

If you happen to encounter
A deep sadness
I hope that you'll share it with me too
I can probably do anything
If it's for the sake of your smile
It's my special treasure
It's my special treasure

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