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Do As Infinity

Romaji Title: enrai
Kanji Title: 遠雷
English Title: Distant Thunder

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : D.A.I作詞・作曲:D.A.I

Beneath the giant columns of clouds, with no gaps between them
On that day, it was just my mother and I
Putting up our umbrella, her leading me by the hand
We were walking down a summer road

In a voice that seemed to make the sound of the crickets disappear
She said so often
"Everyone lives their lives alone
and don't look back"

I, who am too young, certainly
Ask unanswerable questions
Before I knew it, I was sleeping against your back
And not crying

Now, we get the premonition of a suddening evening shower
Distant thunder resounds
It's like things turn out
Just as we predict they will

Being close to you, on that day
For the first time, I understand
Suddenly I squat down, and they began to flow
My final tears

Your feelings
The scent of that summer

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