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Romaji Title: White reply
Kanji Title: White reply
English Title: White reply

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Akeboshi
Music : Akeboshi, Tsukuba Satoshi

At the beginning of the story
There is always a dramatic desire
At this completely changes place
Is only a sigh

Your casual worrying
Brings to mind a selfish irritation
The scribbled words
Are just empty

You'll deliver your letter one day
As you search for the meaning behind it
Nameless fish wander at the bottom of the ocean

At the end of the story
Sinking into the clamouring darkness
A very important point in time
Was forcibly muddied

You'll deliver your letter one day
As you follow your memories
Nameless fish sing a song, at the bottom of the ocean

You'll certainly deliver your letter
As the characters in it float about
Walking along to a far away city, that you don't know the name of

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