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Skoop on Somebody

Romaji Title: eien no hoshi zora
Kanji Title: 永遠の星空
English Title: The Eternal Starry Sky

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : SoS

Don't forget, though you're in a far away town
The stars that we looked up to, sprawled out on the beach
Tiny little us, who had big dreams
Flew further than the stars, didn't we

Even if I were to leave this island
It wouldn't change
I wrote my promise to the future
Onto the pier

The two of us, who were a little too high spirited
Are reflected in Amanogawa
If only this moment would continue on forever
I wished that morning
Would never come
Beneath the starry sky

I won't forget about your tears
I could seem lit up more than the stars
Mumbling that we'd be able to see one another all the time
You suddenly began to cry in the dark, on the way home

A shotting star disappears
Fleetingly, and beautifully
Like eternity, even these days
Will come to an end
I'm unable to accept that
In the stardust

When a single street light goes out
The star light is still clammoring

The changing seasons
Change us again too
Beginnings and endings repeat themselves
And both of us
Continue to walk on
Beneath the stars

One day, let's find the constellations
That are held up in the sky
I loved the way we were back then
We'll continue to light up the constellations forever
Beneath the starry sky

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