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Romaji Title: Good-bye days
Kanji Title: Good-bye days
English Title: Good-bye days

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : YUI

This song was performed by Yui under the name "Yui for Amane Kaoru". This was because this song was featured in the movie "taiyou no uta", of which Yui played the lead role of Amane Kaoru. "Taiyou no Uta" would later be made into a TV drama, with Sawajiri Erika as Amane Kaoru. Sawajiri would also have a hit single affiliated with the drama, which she sang as Amane Kaoru.

So I'm going to go see you right now, that's what I've decided
I want to have you listen to this song, that I have in my pocket

Quietly, I turned up the volume, to make sure that it was there

Oh good-bye days, right now I've got the feeling that things are going to change; so long to everything up until yesterday
An uncool kindness is at my side
~With you

I pass one ear phone over to you
And this moment slowly streams over to you

Can you really love me? Even though I sometimes lose my way

Oh good-bye days, right now things inside my heart have begun to change, alright
An uncool kindness is at my side
~With you

If possible, I'd like to not have sad feelings
But they'll come to me, won't they?
In those times, it would be good, if only I could say
"Yeah, hello! My friend", with a smile

When we both are humming the same song, I wish for you to be by my side
I'm glad that we were able to meet each other, with such an uncool kindness

...Good-bye days

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