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Siam Shade

Romaji Title: Life
Kanji Title: Life
English Title: Life

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : SIAM SHADE

I go down and endless road, without a path, that still continues on too far to walk down
Anyway, fumbling to embrace my anxiety, I continue to wander about
Even when I look off far away, happiness doesn't arrive
Even when I just look up to the sky, happiness doesn't come raining down
I'm conflicted, conflicted, conflicted; even when I'm exhausted and sleeping
I'm awake, my eyes are open, my eyes are open, and the sun rises again
Hesitation, being lost, shyness, accept them all
Throwing myself into passion, I'll see your smile, until it's over...
I love you more than anyone else

Blooming fleetingly, scattering in the twilight, the memories accumulate, and sweep away
Hands are drawn together, they grasp at each other, they touch, and a one-sided love sways

How much furthur have I walked, on my own legs?
How often, in my dreams, has my life been sliced away, and fallen to the ground?
Today too, the wind comes and blows away my footprints
Where am I? What is this? Who am I? I'm being made to forget
Standing still, even the time that I look back on, falls from the sky
Coming closer, closer, closer, the sky is falling
Coming closer, closer, closer, closer
Coming closer, closer, closer, closer...
A beautiful death, and beautiful days

Wow, closing my eyes to the sun, I dream of eternity
I fall into an eternal sleep, I just keep climbing the stairs
So faraway, So faraway, So faraway, So faraway
So faraway, So faraway, So faraway, So faraway
So faraway, No faraway, So faraway, No faraway

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