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Every Little Thing

Romaji Title: Grip!
Kanji Title: Grip!
English Title: Grip!

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Kaori Mochida
Music : Kazuhiro Hara
作詞:Kaori Mochida
作曲:Kazuhiro Hara

The seven stars scattered in indigo blue
Right now feelings are growing in each one
They're crushed, crying out for love
Unable to run away, we cling to a dream
We won't be defeated by this fake life anymore

*Let's awaken to this moment
Soon we'll be surrounded by the stifling real regularity
What is...most important?!
In this extravagant world
The reappearing and disappearing fragments of eternity
Feel them, grab them
Let's go on step by step how we are now*

We moved ahead, "without regrets"
Will we laugh, will we cry? Will we be happy, or sad?
After all, even now I don't know
There's nothing to fear from the future that's begun to change
That's the epitome of life
Living on the edge
Even if the answer we get is wrong, even if it's the wrong impression
We should wish with strength, until the day that it becomes the real thing
The bud of love that seems to be crushed in the cruel world
Feel it, grab it
Let's inscribe on our present firmly


In order to laugh in the end
Let's go on step by step how we are now

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