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The Back Horn

Romaji Title: Fighting Man Blues
Kanji Title: ファイティングマンブルース
English Title: Fighting Man Blues

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Suganami Eijun

Those of you who have looked at the lyrics, and have some knowledge of Japanese may look at the second line and say "how did he come up with 'classic'?!". Let me explain. If you listen to the way he sings "kura sick", it's going to sound like "kurashikku", or "classic". That's how I came up with it.

Go on and work, men; your souls are sick and fighting
With your classic and inexperienced coughs, "it's alright, I can keep going"

Are all men jokers? No, no, they're Sid chokers
No matter how stylish they are, in the end, they're all slaves to life...

We've got the trying hard blues
Sometimes you've gotta drink, and blather
Ah, but you're my lovely angel
You heal my heart
Smile for me, seemingly so happy, without knowing anything

A pavlov's dog, the boss of baby talk
Hell's wolves in sheeps clothing, a lethargic manufacturing plant

The truth is that everything is two-sided; and when you open them up, it's like you're dodging things
I can only move forward, forward, so that I can be crowded out...

We've got the trying hard blues
Sometimes you've gotta finish something, and let out our breath
Ah, but you're my lovely angel
In your warm arms
Stroke my head, tell me I'm a good boy, a good boy, and then tie me up

Ah, I've got the I'm going to try hard again tomorrow blues
I'll stand up, no matter how many times it takes
Ah, but you're my gentle angel
Miso soup with poison in it

Human beings that dream, thanks to them, we're together
Every man alive is breaking, seemingly happily, gyaa!!!

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