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KinKi Kids

Romaji Title: 99%LIBERTY
Kanji Title: 99%LIBERTY
English Title: 99%LIBERTY

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Maeda Takahiro
Music : Oda Tetsurou

Up until today, I lived my live not believing in love
So that even if I was betrayed, it wouldn't matter if I wasn't hurt
Is the thing that you want not words, but heart?

When I kick in the door, don't console me
With a calm face, and a voice that makes my hairstand up in back
Even though egoism was hidden away in my secret base

You're the worst
You slip through my security
You quietly set up a trap called pure love
In 1/100th of my discomfort

99% liberty devours love up
A painful machine gun is already tearing through me
It's as though I've drank a cup of sweet poison
There's nothing to be done about freedom being discomforting

Bringing me down by saying "I love you, I love you, I love you"
And laughing at me, who couldn't move my hands or feet
You've realized that this just isn't enough for you

You're the best
Your silent eyes seem to deceive me
Don't stare at me anymore
Kiss me, oh, it feels like I'm tied up

99% liberty, it's all your fault
I swear forever, by the wounds on my heart
That if I don't know this kind of a love again
That I would be a cool buffoon

You're the worst
You slip through my security
Right now, you turn 1/100th of my discomfort
Into a pain called happiness...

Delivering the finishing blow with your earnest eyes
It's like I can't run away anywhere
Go ahead and throw your dreams, and tomorrow
Into the darkness of a fate called pure love

99% liberty devours love up
A shock like having fallen into paradise
I, who am in only your arms
Am inside of a cage called 100% free love

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