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Romaji Title: 99%
Kanji Title: 99%
English Title: 99%

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Maruyama Kazuhiro
Music : Nishikido Atsushi & Maruyama Kazuhiro

This song was featured as an opening theme to Yu-gi-oh! GX.

You were crying all alone, locked in your room
Even though only yesterday is reflected in your lowered eyes, I can't move on

In the morning, I'll come and get you; Everyone will be the same, weak
The truth is that there's no wall over there, you just feel like there is

You know that when it feels like you're suffocating, you can't hide yourself away

I'll take you out, where shall we go? The wind in the city is still cold, but
Don't get fed up and start scolding tomorrow; let's go to a place that we don't know

The dead weight that you've shouldered isn't only yours
Share it with me, and don't let go of my hand

In the morning, I'll come and get you...
I'll take you outside, where shall we go? The wind in the city is still cold, but
We don't understand 99% of what happens, so let's go and make sure that they'll be a tomorrow

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