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Fictionjunction Yuuka

Romaji Title: Silly-Go-Round
Kanji Title: Silly-Go-Round
English Title: Silly-Go-Round

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kajiura Yuki

This song was an opening theme to the anime ".hack//Roots".

(Though I've awoken from a dream
I reach out my hand......)

We both call out with the same strength
If I've grown used to it, in my heart
I'll be able to accept it
No matter how many people it hurts

I feel like it will happen very soon
This wall will crumble

Though we've awoken from a dream, all we can do
Is keep on runing to a dream that we don't see
Tumbling and hesitating, the gravity that I begin to create
Will one day
Take me to you

Pulled along by loneliness
Hiding lies within lies
Though I made so many mistakes
I'm going to fall in another "last love"

The twilight that I should be tired of looking at
Is still so beautiful, that I cried

With the intention of making it to the goal
I dive for the reset button
We're going around in the circles, in the same place
With a spirited trust, one day, I'll cross over
Yesterday's gravity
With you

I meet you

Though we've awoken from a dream
We change dreams in transit
Without taking action against someone that I don't see
I reach out my hand
My heart and body that don't have enough of it, search for love
And gravity will
Send it to you

(yume kara samete mo
kono te wo nobasu yo......)

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